working outDeven Sisler Fitness is here for one purpose only.  To educate freely on the topics of fitness, health, exercise, weight lifting, and nutrition.  These are topics that should be shared freely, for they are important to each and every one of our lives.  Without a proper balance in all of these things, our lives will be full of grief and trouble.  Deven Sisler seeks to change this.

Deven’s adventure began as a youth, taking part in every single sport imaginable, from baseball, basketball, and football, to track and field and wrestling.  Deven tried everything and loved it, succeeding in each sport and becoming more athletic as the days went on.  Years passed and Deven entered college to study as a physical therapist.  Now, Deven is obtaining licenses in health coaching and nutritional studies.

The fitness domain is not new to Deven.  He is very knowledgable and loves to share this with anyone interested enough to listen, or in this case, read.  He has a vast library of books he studies from constantly, that include body building, dieting, nutrition, substance abuse topics, mental health, and more.  His passion pushes him forward, and his love for others incites his quest to share.  He loves swimming in the ocean, going for long swims with his scuba diving knife, looking at corals and fish.

You will usually find Deven at home in his office, enjoying a nice whey protein powder shake, or at the gym, working out his muscles.  Deven takes an array of supplements, including creatine and olive leaf capsules.  He also is known to bike all across town every weekend.  In his advetures, safety is always first.

weight liftingOne of Deven’s main goals with this website is to begin to write about his hobby, which is learning more and more about fitness and exercise and good health.  Don’t drive everywhere, quit worrying about those Chelmsford driving lessons.  Just walk or jog to the store.  As he continues to read more, he will post it here for everyone’s enjoyment and learning.  There is no need to hoarde this information.  Let Deven sort out the good info and then put it here in a summarized fashion for you to absorb quickly and painlessly.

If you have anything specifically of interest that you think Deven should investigate, please share it with him using the contact page.  Someone recently asked me to take a look at the Patanjali Yoga Sutras and talk about yoga, so I’m looking into that.  If you find any mistakes, please let him know as well.  He seeks to be correct in his knowledge and strong in his body.  Please suggest, books, videos, websites, and anything else.  He is always open to learn more.  If it’s worthwhile, he will share it here.

Check back often, as more articles will be added constantly and frequently.